TUSD Facilities Use

The Facilities Department:

Processes all requests for the use of District facilities and the posting of banners on District property, ensures that all user groups are properly insured and meet all District policy requirements for use of school facilities, and coordinates with the Maintenance and Operations Department to ensure proper maintenance of the facilities.

  1. The use of school property is governed by the Civic Center Act, California Ed Code 38130 and Tustin Unified School District Board of Education Regulation 1330.
  2. All extra-curricular use of school facilities must be requested via the online facility-use scheduling system three weeks prior to the first requested date. Board approval must be garnered for Sunday use of facilities with the request submitted five weeks prior to the first requested date.
  3. Requestors must submit a current Certificate of Insurance in the amount of $1 million with Tustin Unified School District listed as additional insured and an Additional Insured Endorsement.
  4. Any approval for use of District property is for the requestor only; time may not be sublet to another organization.

For more information, call the Facilities Department at 714-730-7327.

Click here to submit a Facility Use Request through the online facility-use scheduling system.